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Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer Frequently Asked Questions zonline


Who zonline?

everyone'zonline... Your neighbor zonline, your cousin zonline, Africa and the world zonline... How can you even ask this question - you too are online! kkk seriously though zonline is a multi-vendor online marketplace; it's a virtual African shopping mall where you can buy from any seller located anywhere in Africa. It's like Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay BUT with African sellers only selling to Africa and the rest of the world.

Who can buy on zonline.africa?

Anyone who zonline can buy on zonline. (see what we did there... kkk)

How does shopping on zonline.africa work?

You can simply start shopping by typing in what you are looking for in the field written 'I'm looking for' then click on the search button. You can also shop by department/category and browse what's available. You could also immediately register as a customer so that you create an account that comes with many present and future benefits or you can shop without creating an account if you are ok with missing out on the special promotions for account holders only.

Once you find what you are looking for just add it to your virtual cart and continue shopping and adding items to your cart and then check out when you are ready to pay. Shopping online through zonline is really that simple...

What products and/or services can I buy on zonline.africa?

You can buy almost any legal products and/or services in the following categories:

African Art, Baby, Books, Business Operations (including specialty services, office equipment & supplies), Clothing/Shoes & Accessories (including jewellery & watches), Consumer Electronics (including mobile phones & accessories), Computer/Tablets & Networking (including software), Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Motors (including car parts & accessories), Musical Instruments & Gear, Toys & Hobbies (including educational toys & games) plus Gift Vouchers.

Stolen property and/or illegal products/services (such as prescription medicine) are prohibited on zonline. We do not condone counterfeit goods but occasionally sellers do sell these either unintentionally or intentionally. Whether you are buying them intentionally or not make sure that you review the specs of the product before you place an order and remember to read reviews by other buyers

Who should I contact if I have a query?

Should have queries then contact the Seller to try and have the issue resolved. You should always leave a review on the seller to indicate good sellers and unfavorable experiences. Just remember to update your review if you had an issue that was promptly resolved by a seller. If you fail to resolve the issue you can contact zonline customer support for our assistance in resolving the matter. We try our best to approve good vendors and ban bad vendors from our zonline ecosystem. Remember to always give the seller an opportunity to resolve your concerns before reporting them to zonline.

About Us

What makes zonline different from other marketplaces?

We are Africans passionate about our continent and we have mastered the art of understanding customers and making sure that zonline efficiently and effectively addresses your shopping concerns.

What problem are we solving?

It's so difficult to connect with the right seller providing the right quality at the right price because of geographic limitations amongst others. We are connecting buyers to African sellers from all corners of Africa and creating a level competing field so that buyers can shop and save.

Where do we see ourselves in 10 years?

We will be in millions of cellphones, helping buyers to connect with the latest and greatest products and services from African sellers. Beyond this primary purpose that drove us to create zonline, we hope to have played a major role, with your help, to progress online shopping in Africa and create customer service levels amongst our sellers unmatched by any other marketplace.

Returns & Order Cancellations

Do you accept returns?

Sellers on zonline.africa each have their own return policies. Make sure that you have a written return agreement with the seller before you ship the item back including a return shipping address provided by the seller, the valid time frame in which the seller expects to receive the item and an explicit agreement on who is responsible for the cost of shipping the return item.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you may cancel an order before it enters the shipping process or within 30minutes of placing it, whichever comes first. Shipped orders cannot be canceled but you may contact the Seller and request a refund when you return the goods to the seller. Please note that downloadable products cannot be canceled as soon as the order is placed due to the nature of the products; make sure you are certain it's the correct downloadable product before placing your order.


Can I track my shipment?


When will my order arrive?


What if my item arrives damaged?


Who do I contact to follow-up on my order?


Payment Methods

What payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

We accept most of the major international credit cards, bank transfers, zonline credits, zonline wallet, mobile money. More payment methods are currently under review and will be released in the checkout process as and when they become available. If there is a payment method you wish to see on our platform then please send a WhatsApp message to our business developer by clicking HERE.

Do you accept cryptocurrency?

At the moment, we do not accept cryptocurrencies although under review and may be accepted in the near future. Please keep checking our news section for updates or follow our zonline Instagram, zonline Facebook, zonline Twitter, zonline Youtube pages and channels.

Can I pay COD?

Yes, you can pay COD (Cash on Delivery or Pay on Delivery) for certain goods sold by pre-approved Sellers. Otherwise in general COD is not possible on zonline because everything and everyone'zonline including transactions.  

Buyer Rewards Program

What is the zonline Buyer Rewards Program?

This is a Buyer Rewards Program where buyers can earn rewards by participating in contests or tasks set by zonline.

How does the program benefit buyers?

The zonline Buyer Rewards Program benefits buyers by offering them opportunities to accrue credit that can be used to purchase products and services on zonline.africa

How does the rewards program work?

Subject to standard terms and conditions and those of each task and program, when you complete each task or meet and exceed a standard you will become eligible to potentially win rewards that will be credited to your buyer rewards account. The rewards can be redeemed in full or in part by the buyer and are not transferable.

Do my rewards expire?

The standard rewards do not expire. There are instances we have special rewards that must be used within a specified time period.

What are the charges to join the rewards program?

There are no charges to join the rewards program.