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Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Frequently Asked Questions zonline


What is zonline.africa?

zonline is a multi-vendor online marketplace; it's a virtual African shopping mall. Every business needs an online presence because everyone'zonline.

Who can sell on zonline.africa?

Any entrepreneur or business based in Africa can sell on zonline.

How does selling on zonline.africa work?

Once your seller account is approved, you simply list your products and services in your zonline store and they are automatically added to the zonline marketplace. Customers find your products by searching on the zonline.africa marketplace or searching on Google and they order the product through zonline and you deliver the product to the client and confirm delivery or let zonline deliver the product on your behalf and then deposit your funds into your bank account less our service fees.

What products and/or services can I sell on zonline.africa?

You can sell almost any legal products and/or services in the following categories:

African Art, Baby, Books, Business Operations (including specialty services, office equipment & supplies), Clothing/Shoes & Accessories (including jewellery & watches), Consumer Electronics (including mobile phones & accessories), Computer/Tablets & Networking (including software), Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Motors (including car parts & accessories), Musical Instruments & Gear, Toys & Hobbies (including educational toys & games) plus Gift Vouchers.

Stolen property and illegal products/services are prohibited on zonline. Please note that some categories may require special permission before you can start selling.

I don't have a website. Can I still sell on zonline.africa?

Absolutely! You just need to have an approved seller's account and you can sell on zonline.africa. If you have your own domain you can also point it to your online store on zonline to direct your clients to your powerful zonline store.

Managing Your Account

How do I create a Seller Account and what do I need to complete my registration?

Creating an account is very easy! Simply navigate to the 'SELLERS' menu and select 'REGISTER AS A SELLER' from the drop-down menu options then follow the prompts and complete all the necessary details including:

- your business details
- your business phone numbers and email
- other contact details such as your business address etc
- basic information about your business operations and the products/services you offer
- banking and tax details as necessary 

Your request may be automatically approved or someone from our team will contact you to request certain paperwork that proves you are who you say you are before your request to sell on zonline is approved.

Is My Password Safe?

You are responsible for keeping your password safe and away from prying eyes. Make sure that you use a secure and not so easy to guess password. At zonline we have done and continue to safeguard your personal details as much as we can reasonably do on our infrastructure and resources.

How do I list my products/services on zonline.africa?

Once your account has been approved to sell on zonline, you may easily add your products and/or services one at a time via the zonline seller dashboard accessible via the top of the zonline.africa website or via the seller login screen. You may also add your products/services in bulk via an excel/csv file upload. Once your account has been approved you can request instructions on how to upload products in bulk and a detailed step by step tutorial will be sent to your registered email.

Please note that some categories may require additional information in order to list your products and/or services. Make sure you select the most appropriate attribute set for the product/service you want to list.

Can I edit the listed products/services?

Absolutely! You can edit your listed products and/or services via the Seller Dashboard.

How do I manage my orders on zonline?

You manage your orders via your Seller Dashboard. Note that if you are shipping the products yourself you need to update the order indicating that shipment has been completed. If using Easy Shipping then you must pack your orders and carefully label them then schedule pick-up by our team from your premisses. If using the convenient Fulfillment by zonline (FBZ) then zonline will fulfil and ship your order.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account at any point but are liable for any transactions not yet processed or still covered by your warranty and/or terms of the agreement.

How and when do I get paid?

zonline will disburse payments every Friday. Payments are eligible for disbursement 7 days after confirmation that the order has been shipped.

Please note that zonline uses electronic transfers to pay you for your completed sales. Before you can receive your payment, you must ensure that your seller account has specified a bank account for us to deposit money into. Disbursements will only be made in the local currency of the African country where the bank account is located. For example, if your bank account is located in Tanzania, then your disbursements will be made in Tanzanian Shillings only.

We cannot transfer payments to credit cards and some online payments.

To avoid delays you must ensure that:
- your seller account has specified a complete business address
- your bank account must be located in an African country that is supported by zonline.africa
- your bank account information must be complete and up-to-date

zonline Services

Can customers leave feedback on my store?

Yes. Customer feedback is a critical metric for your business on zonline because it's used by customers to gauge your trustworthiness while zonline analyzes your reviews to measure your performance. As you will agree, customers generally tend to purchase from businesses that have good reviews from their clients.

Can I get a custom sub-domain?

Yes. You can get a sub-domain to reflect your business name/brand such as www.yourbrand.zonline.africa. Replace 'yourbrand' with your actual brand. To apply for this please send us a note via your seller dashboard messaging section.

Can I get custom emails using my sub-domain?

No. You can however purchase a domain from one of our partners that you can then use for your emails plus that domain can be pointed to your store profile on zonline.

Can I get help with images & graphic designing to create digital catalogs as per zonline.africa guidelines?

Absolutely! We require professional images for products and services listed on zonline therefore if you do not have an inhouse graphic designer and/or content creator, then you can use one of our recommended partners that specialize in assisting businesses to create product and service catalogs for the internet.


What are the charges for selling on zonline.africa?

Opening a store is currently FREE but to begin adding products and/or services you will need to pay an annual fee of 19.99$USD. You only pay a fee when a client places an order from your store and pays for it using our online wallets and payment processing services. Our fee includes a referral fee and a closing fee that start from as little as 2% and vary based on category and shipping method. Shipping is slightly cheaper when you use fulfillment by zonline (FBZ).

Click here to learn more about FBZ and it's benefits to sellers.

Are there other charges by zonline for selling on zonline.africa?

At the moment there are no other required charges in addition to the above-mentioned referral and closing fees.

Seller Rewards Program

What is the zonline Seller Rewards Program?

This is a Seller Rewards Program where registered sellers can earn rewards by participating in contests/tasks or meeting and exceeding certain expectations set by zonline.

How does the program benefit sellers?

The zonline Seller Rewards Program benefits sellers by offering them free opportunities to grow on zonline.africa including but not limited to Free Account Boost, Free Featured Product Listing, Free Transportation, Free Advertising Flyer Designs, Free Product Images.

How does the rewards program work?

Subject to standard terms and conditions and those of each task and program, when you complete each task or meet and exceed a standard you will become eligible to potentially win rewards that will be credited to your seller rewards account. The rewards can be redeemed in full or in part by the seller and are not transferable.

Do my rewards expire?

The standard rewards do not expire. There are instances we have special rewards that must be used within a specified time period.

What are the charges to join the rewards program?

There are no charges to join the rewards program. Just your desire to build an exceptional digital footprint and to grow your business online through zonline.africa